Creating a Faith Space

It doesn’t take much to create a faith space in your home. You just need a little space and a little faith.

I always wanted one cf those anointed prayer rooms in my home, where the presence of God would overcome everyone who visits. But I never had the room to create one, until now.

It started with a small chair and table set that wouldn’t fit in my living room. I put it in front of a window in my bedroom. This is where I would sit and pray.

I decided to anoint the furniture and put a few specialty items around it to sanctify it as my prayer space. By faith, I created my own anointing oil, and put the jar, with a Bible and other items dear to me, on the table.

I eventually moved this space into my office, where I put up the ¹Christian Soldier scarf as a wall hanging. I have the ²Cover Thee with His Feathers blanket draped over one of the chairs, and various pillows: ³Psalm 91, ¹¹No Weapon No, and ²²Hope for the Soul. The No Weapon No lamp sits on my table. I also have the No Weapon No air freshener in my car, and the ***Keep Calm and Worship keychain on my keys.

As you see, it doesn’t take much. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed and a little creativity. KLU Creations provides Christian designs that are printed on thousands of products to help you create a faith space in your environment.


KLU Creations for your home Faith Space.


¹More Custom Scarves
²Check out our Cover Thee with His Feathers Collection.
³cover and insert. Check here for more pillows designs on Rebubble.
¹¹ 20″ x 20″ size. Check out our No Weapon No Collection.
²² Check out our Keep Calm and Worship Collection.

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