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            In 2013, the introduction of M20 ~ M36 various types of economic cold heading machine, the largest model 58B6S.
            In 2012, a comprehensive update processing equipment, all kinds of CNC boring and milling machining center up to 22 sets, table maximum bearing weight 50 tons, to ensure the accuracy of the premise, the yield significantly improved, with an annual output of various types of cold heading machine 400.
            In 2008, for bearing-type cold heading machine in the large models, high maintenance costs are too high bearing loads developed gear copper tile style large-scale cold heading machine 19B ~ 41B5 / 6S, good market response. In the same year, the introduction of South Korea's Doosan CNC machining centers, began to enter the era of sophisticated production.
            December 2006: Located in Yixing City Economic Development Zone, covering 50 acres, to invest one hundred million yuan of new plant put into use.
            September 2003: Yixing Oda Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. established.
            January 2002: investment in new Yixing City group HSBC Precision Casting Co., Ltd. production.
            November 2001: investment in new Wuxi Kunda Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of bearings of high-speed cold heading machine.
            February 1997: the expansion of the second plant, and renamed Yixing group HSBC Machinery Co., Ltd.
            August 1995: developed China's first super long Heading Machine (φ24 * 340mm), the same year in November, the first ultra-fine long Heading Machine (φ4.3 * 250mm) successful commissioning.
            October 1993: a mold two red head machine officially put into operation.
            May 1992: HSBC Group, the predecessor of machinery - Oda Machine Tool Plant Yixing production, mainly produces small ordinary nut forming machines.