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            Wuxi Zhengyao Machinery Co., Ltd. is belong to QunFeng Machinery Group who have over 20 years experience in manufacturing fastener forming machine. Our business covers R&D, Predision Casting, CNC Machining, Assembly, Testing, sales and Service. With the complete industrial chain, we supply clients with: Multi-station Bearing Type Nut Former, Bolt Former, Multi-station Long Stroke Parts Former, Economic Large Former. Wellcome to visit.
            5 stations Bearing Type Nut Former
            6 Stations Bearing Type Nut Former
            Multi-station Long Strock Parts Former
            Gear-Bush Type Large Former
            Economic Nut Former
            Precision Casting
            1, first clear the surface of the sludge off the screw breakage gun with the center of the center section of gun death and then use an electric drill fitted with a diameter of 6-8 mm pistol drill drill hole in the center section, note the hole must be drilled through. After the drill hole, the small drill bit is removed and replaced 16 mm diameter drill holes continue to expand and drill off the bolt.
                2, take a diameter of 3.2 mm or less in the current electrodes using small broken bolt drill holes from the inside to the outside of the site began surfacing surfacing take off half of the entire length of the bolt can be. At the start of welding arc not too long so as not to burn off the outer bolts. surfacing to end face-off bolts and then continue to the surfacing of a diameter of 8-10 mm, 14-16 mm high cylinder.
                3, surfacing after a good hand hammer hammering at its end face so that the bolt breaks along its axial vibration generated due to the heat generated by the arc on the previous and subsequent cooling coupled with the shock will break at this time and the body of the threaded bolt loosening between.
                4, careful observation can take M18 nut set in the surfacing of stigma and welding when the two found a trace of rust after a tap leaking from the fracture time.
                5, after the cool hot welding set with wrenches on the nuts around the edge back and forth back and forth twisting can twist side with a small hand percussion hammer nut end face so you can remove the broken bolt.
                6, after removing the bolts breaking hammer with a suitable wire threaded processing rack inside the hole again to remove rust and other debris.
            High-speed molding machines and large machine business, please contact:
            Wuxi City is Yao Machinery Co., Ltd.
            Mr. Meng Yuheng
            Mobile: 13915388305
            Tel: 0510-87128590
            Address: Wai Hing Road, Yixing City Economic Development Zone

            Normal molding machines and double-click the entire molding machine business, please contact:
            Wuxi City is Yao Machinery Co., Ltd.
            Mr. Zhang Jiucheng
            Mobile: 13806152202
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            Address: Yixing City Town East 2 km

            Foundry business, please contact:
            Wuxi City is Yao Machinery Co., Ltd.
            Mr. Zhuang Bingjiang
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            Address: Qi Eshan Town, Yixing City Industrial Zone