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            Cold heading machine safety procedures
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            Cold heading machine is dedicated production nuts, bolts and other fasteners of machinery and equipment, in use, depending on the need for work safety procedures to avoid quality problems fasteners, machinery and equipment or cause damage phenomena, The following is a detailed analysis about the cold forging machine safety procedures available.

            1, prohibits wearing gloves cold heading machine.

            2, the device must be carefully checked before driving all fasteners are locked, security guards are intact and work to regular checks, to prevent severe vibration and loose, causing the accident.

            3, after the equipment has been adjusted before pulling the flywheel, check whether the work of the bodies properly, pull the lever to be removed pull the car before starting the motor. Non side pull car, while the starter motor.

            4, before driving should be excluded from all faults, and for short-term idle, before trial upsetting.

            5, the device is in operation, the operator should stand in a safe place, is prohibited in the embossing mold pin point take the workpiece, view the product only at the lower end.

            6, the replacement product, it must carefully adjust dies and punches, and carefully check all parts are normal.

            7, in the production process, such as the failure, must stop immediately, identify the cause and eliminate hidden dangers. When the brake failure, prohibited driving. 8. Insurance Board (bumpers) must be added the guard, in order to avoid rupture accidents. All guards shall be arbitrarily demolished, lost.